The Rowing Coach

Row Hard
Row Well
& Live.
- Coach Bob
“Your enthusiasm for rowing makes my day.”

Your willingness to stretch and grow and conquer your fears means the world to me as it will to you.  I am Bob Franks – motivational rowing coach, speaker and workshop leader for you, the novice rower.  When you have decided you want to learn to row I welcome you to our camp.  I would love nothing more than to ease your anxiety and apprehension about beginning life on the water as a rower. With over five years of specialized novice expertise and a passion to see my students move from standing still to rowing hard. I guarantee you WILL Learn to Row. 

Many of my clients have told me that their lives have been transformed through their enjoyment of rowing.  Physical activity you love feeds the heart and soul as well as improves your health.   My own life was transformed 8 years ago when I picked up my first oar.  52 years old with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and in need of serious help.  Rowing changed my life as it can yours.


  • Southeast Regional Representative for USRowing™

  • Chairperson for the Masters of USRowing™

  • President of Oak Ridge Rowing Association

  • Active Competitor in USRowing™ Masters Competition Events